Why do gas stations have to use jammers?

In modern society, electronic equipment is more and more developed, but electronic equipment can no longer be used in many places. Among them, gas stations are places where electronic equipment cannot be used. topsignaljammer will tell you why gas stations should use jammers.

Many people don't pay attention. In fact, it is impossible to use mobile phones and other communication tools at gas stations. Although some people notice the sign prohibiting the use of mobile stations, they don't know the real reason. There used to be a gas station. The gas station exploded because someone was playing with the car phone. I heard it from the video screen. A lesson of humility, what is the reason why the phone can't play the station at the gas station? The main reason is that there are a lot of gasoline molecules in the air near the gas station, because gasoline is highly volatile and easy to volatilize into the air. If a spark is encountered in a place full of gasoline molecules or other substances come into contact with it, it will cause an explosion. Although this possibility seems to be small, it still happens and the harm is very great. Under normal circumstances, a warning sign prohibiting the use of open flames and the use of open flames will be posted on the scene.

The prohibition of fire is easy to understand, but why does the use of mobile phones cause an explosion? The reason is that when using a mobile phone, the mobile phone emits electromagnetic waves, and when receiving the electromagnetic wave of the base station's backhaul, the signal is transmitted through the electromagnetic signal output by the base station to obtain a call or access other functions. Especially during a call, a large number of electromagnetic waves will be released between the earpiece and the base. The electromagnetic waves in the collision of the aircraft will trigger ions. When the content of air molecules in the "gasoline" is high,

Although gas stations have taken some measures to avoid this hidden danger, such as enhancing air circulation near gas stations, adding oil and gas collection devices, etc., and then reducing the content of molecular gasoline in the air, the best solution is to install signal jammers. Install one or more jammers to protect the mobile phone signal, thereby effectively preventing people from using mobile phones near the gas station, thereby ensuring the safety of the gas station.

Many people even know that mobile phones cannot be used at gas stations, but they think the possibility of explosion is very low, so many times they are not very concerned about this rule. Therefore, installing a powerful cell phone jammer can eliminate this risk and is a very good choice.