Who would choose to buy a signal jammer? Where is it used?

Smartphones are being used more and more and their applications are getting wider and wider. The wireless signal jammer automatically forms an interfering magnetic field in the designated area, causing the mobile phone to lose communication with the base station. If the wireless signal jammer is in working state, it can make the cell phone signal sending and receiving function within the interference range ineffective. The emergence of wireless signal jammers is to reasonably avoid and interfere with mobile phone related signals, so who will use it?

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

1. School

Wireless signal jammers are widely used and are widely used in schools. It is used for daily teaching or large exams. During the school exam, the wireless signal jammer will be turned on to shield the exam room with full coverage, which truly makes every student's exam fair and prevents their other small actions.

2. Meeting room

For the phenomenon that mobile phones are often used in conference rooms, wireless signal jammers can be installed as needed. It can keep the attention of people in the meeting from being distracted and improve work efficiency, and in important meetings, the signal blocker can well interfere with mobile phone signals and prevent important information in the meeting from being spread.

3. Military bases

Especially the staff of military bases, if they accidentally disclose their work content, they can easily be stolen by criminals, which is very dangerous for agencies and units. To prevent such incidents from happening, military bases should be equipped with wireless signal jammers to avoid leaks.