Which is more powerful, WiFi jammer or cell phone signal booster? Will wifi signal jammers affect cell phone signal boosters?

The cell phone signal in my house is very poor, so I will use a cell phone signal booster, but the neighbor has a wifi jammer, I would like to ask if the wifi jammer will affect the cell phone signal booster?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

The shielding frequency bands of mobile phone signal jammers are generally:

CDMA frequency band transmit frequency 869-894MHz

GSM frequency band transmission frequency 925-960MHz

DCS band transmit frequency 1805-1880MHz

PHS band transmit frequency 1900-1990MHz

WIFI transmission frequency 2400-2485MHZ

4G transmission frequency 2300-2390MHZ

4G transmission frequency 2555-2565MHZ

If the signal jammer contains 2400-2485MHZ, then the 2.4G wifi will be blocked. If the jammer contains the 5.8G shielded frequency band, the 5.8G wifi band will be blocked. Under normal circumstances, the jammer does not contain 5.8G. wifi frequency band. The 5.8G wifi band cannot be blocked.