Where to use cell phone signal jammers?

1.In big prisons
A prison is a place where criminals are administered. It is forbidden to come into contact with the outside world and not to use cell phones and other electronic devices to communicate with the outside world in order to avoid threats to prison security. In prison
Use a signal jammer to prevent this from happening. Cell phone locking programs can help to avoid secret contacts between prisoners and visitors.
2.in court
The court is a place to protect the rights and interests of the people, to ensure a smooth process and not to be influenced by the outside world. The courtyard is a solemn place and should not be disturbed by phone calls.
3.At a concert or theater
Imagine you have to go into the concert hall and you want to shout or shout out next to you, I think this is going to make you angry. This is the concert hall.
The reason for a cell phone protection function. On the one hand, it can prevent the ringtone from annoying musicians, and on the other hand, it can provide a better experience for the listener. If you like a great concert or a good movie

4.Nearby, the bells will ring and everyone will be angry. If you don't want this to happen in such a place, you can use a frequency jammer for your mobile phone.

5.Prohibit cell phone use at school Prohibit cell phone use
The need for is an easy lesson for us because once we are students we will prohibit the use of cell phones to send messages and warnings. With the development of society, more and more schools have installed cell phone jammers. In class, students will play cell phones and read novels seriously. The blocker program is preventing the phone from working. We also passed an important test and will find that we will pass it too.
The exam is open to prevent students from using electronic products such as cell phones. Children use cell phones as a tool to cheat on exams. To avoid fraud in exams, the school requires the use of cell phone jamming devices.

6.In the church.
In western churches, they are a sacred place and all uncivilized behavior should be forbidden. The ringing of the bell will disturb the behavior of others for a week. It's uncivilized. So many churches have insisted
Maintain a calm atmosphere of the Holy Spirit and install jammers to block the signal if necessary. You can imagine answering the phone loudly and rudely. Therefore, the cellular frequency interference problem in the church can be solved well.