What kind of signal jammer is easy to use?

Hello everyone, I want to buy a signal jammer, any recommendations?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

The appearance of the signal jammer has solved many hidden dangers of disrupting the order for the examination room, so that the candidates can take the examination in a fair environment. The principle of this test signal jammer is actually to make the communication signal of the mobile phone fail by interfering with the electronic signal, which can prevent the phenomenon of cheating by using the mobile phone. If you want to know what kind of signal jammer is easy to use, you need to consider multiple aspects.

The first thing to consider is what frequency band to block mobile phone signals. Because of the wide application of 5G technology, it is best to use a signal blocker that can block the 5G frequency band when using a signal blocker.

The second is the scope of shielding, which depends on the area of ​​the exam room, the distance from the communication base station, the signal strength and other factors. Under normal circumstances, the area of ​​the standardized test room is about 70 square meters. As long as a small signal shield is used, a good shielding effect can be achieved.

The price of the signal jammer is also one of the factors to be considered when choosing the signal jammer in the examination room. Because the examination room does not exist alone under normal circumstances, it is also purchased in bulk when purchasing the signal jammer. At this time, there is a slight gap in the unit price of the shielding device, which will have a great impact on the budget of the signal shielding project of the entire examination room.