What is the function of wifi signal blocker? Does it only block the wifi signal? Is there any other effect?

Hello, I would like to ask what is the function of the wifi signal blocker, can it only block the wifi signal?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

Hello, you can take a look at this product "16W Power Desktop 8 Antenna WiFi3G4G Mobile Phone Data signal jammer", and then take a look at a brief and detailed introduction of its basic functions and levels. You can quickly understand that this is also a desktop WiFi mobile Bluetooth 4G mobile phone jammer, it is designed with 8 wireless antennas, and can disconnect the data signal of CDMAGSMDCSPCS3G4GLTE4GWimaxWiFi and Bluetooth connection at the same time. In such a situation, this high-power desktop all-in-one mobile phone WiFi blocker not only has the working ability of a mobile phone blocker, but also has a WiFi mobile phone Bluetooth data signal blocker, which is really strong.

Therefore, due to the design of the high-quality cooling fan system software, this 3G4GWiFi mobile phone Bluetooth data signal callback function can maintain a stable operation state from beginning to end, and can better achieve 24/7 uninterrupted work planning. Therefore, 16W high-power ones are also used in this high-power 4G WiFi mobile phone Bluetooth signal jammer, so that the impact distance of the desktop all-in-one WiFi mobile phone Bluetooth 4G mobile phone jammer can reach 50 meters. Very strong.