Using cell phone jammers: is it permitted by law?

What is a cell phone jammer?
Cell phone jammer send signals to prevent mobile phones from receiving radio signals, for example, they can be purchased through the Internet. They are also called cell phone blockers or jammers.

what happened?
The prohibition threshold for the use of telephone jammers seems to have fallen for some time. According to, the principal of a high school in Salzburg allegedly used jammers when graduating from high school to avoid misleading school children. After all, it is reported that an electronic market chain uses jammers to prevent buyers from using smartphones and tablets to compare prices. This is what the TV broadcaster RTL said in the program "Not with us! Bargaining lies" on August 22, 2017. The video of the show can be watched here. According to Golem, the accuracy of the report should be denied by the relevant channel.

Although many countries/regions prohibit the use of cell phone jammers! However, using jammers in real life can protect privacy and other legal rights. For example: Use jammers to prevent drones from spying on your privacy, install jammers in meeting rooms to avoid confidential disclosure! topsignaljammer recommends that you use jammers reasonably and legally to properly protect your own interests!