Noise pollution from obtrusive young people with speakers - are there bluetooth jammers available for purchase?

I actually live in the suburbs, but there is a children's playground next door. A large group of teens and young adults showed up almost every night and they were noisy until late into the night.

When the police came, they just ran away and came back later.
So I thought to myself, I'm going to stop this later with a jammer that will temporarily cripple the connection from the phone to the box.

The problem is, I know very little about this subject.
So this is where your experts come in :)

Not an ethics expert, by the way. Just technologists.

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

Such equipment exists, but interference is prohibited. The Federal Network Agency has rules that allow the use of radio frequencies...of course not.
There are wifi jammer or signal jammers that can do this.