Movie theaters to install mobile phone jammers

When you are watching a movie in the cinema and you are watching it, suddenly someone nearby answers the phone, it will definitely make you very disgusted. Japan has recently developed a new material that absorbs radio waves from mobile phones without interfering with mobile phones outside movie theaters. Some cinemas in Hong Kong are very interested in this new invention and say they will consider installing it.

The latest invention in Japan is to install magnets inside wooden boards to absorb radio waves; installing this material in theaters will not affect mobile phones outside the theater. Several cinemas in Hong Kong have expressed interest in the new material, saying that if resources permit, they will consider installing it in cinemas.

Although Hong Kong cinemas currently appeal to audiences to turn off their mobile phones and pagers before the film is played, it has not been effective. Some cinema operators have suggested to the government to install cell phone jammer. The OFTA is planning to consult the public to study whether to authorize the person in charge of cinemas or performance venues to install mobile phone jamming devices.