Is the gps system vulnerable to damage? What method is usually used?

GPS is used in many systems, such as banking and financial networks, communication networks, power distribution systems, etc. Can GPS be hacked? Is it easily broken?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the combat methods of the armies of various countries have also undergone earth-shaking changes, especially in the gradual increase in the dependence of the armies of various countries on the satellite positioning system. There are even media reports that without the help of the satellite system, the military is as powerful as the US military. It will also become less brave and good at fighting. GPS, as a navigation system that can perform precise positioning on a global scale, is widely used in the US military. In addition to missile units, every soldier in the army will carry an individual positioning system, and every naval warship also has GPS to help with navigation. It can be said that U.S. soldiers perform various tasks on the battlefield without the help of GPS.

Recently, Russia, the world's second largest military power, exposed a video. The video showed that a US warship was carrying out a "freedom of navigation" mission in the Mediterranean area. However, relevant Russian personnel used a GPS jamming system to interfere with it, and then GPS The signal suddenly disappeared. It can also be seen from the video that the U.S. ship tried to continue sailing, but without the help of the navigation system, it was easy to get lost in the vast sea, so the U.S. ship had to choose to return, and then the Russian command room applauded.

After the end of the Cold War, although Russia inherited the weapons and equipment left by the former Soviet Union, it also inherited a bunch of messes left by the Soviet Union, including the hostility of the United States to the Soviet Union, which was also imposed on Russia. In recent years, the international environment facing Russia has become increasingly harsh, especially in Eastern Europe, where Russia seems to be under siege.

Before Ukraine had not turned to the West, the scope of free navigation of American warships was limited to the Mediterranean Sea, but as Ukraine is completely pro-American, today's American ships even appear directly near the Russian Black Sea, which makes the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In response to the frequent interference of warships sent by the United States, Russia ingeniously developed a GPS jammer, which effectively countered the provocative American ships.