I heard that the signal jammer can prevent cheating. What is its principle and where is it mainly used?

I often find that the mobile phone signal is very poor when it comes to the exam. I heard that the school installed it to prevent cheating. How does it work?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

The background of mobile phone jammers: in various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, government, finance, prisons, public security, military areas, etc., we are prohibited from If you use a mobile phone, it is forbidden to use a mobile phone in the above occasions, but in the above occasions, if you are not careful, the mobile phone will be turned on and brought in. Therefore, a technology is urgently needed to shield the mobile phone, but it will not affect the use of other electronic products. , the mobile phone jammer came into being.

The principle of the cell phone jammer is within a certain frequency range. The mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves to complete the transmission of data and sound with a certain baud rate and modulation method. According to the above communication principle, the jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end frequency at a certain speed during the working process. The scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station. The mobile phone manifests as the phenomenon of searching the network, no signal, no service system, etc. Eventually, the mobile phone has no signal and cannot receive text messages and calls.

Application case of mobile phone jammers: Daxing No. 5 High School Examination Center, completed the supply of mobile phone signal jammers, escorting the fair and just order of the examination room; Zhejiang Textile Printing and Dyeing Factory workshop, completed the supply of high-power jammers; Yijinhuoluo Banner Detention Center, Completed the supply of mobile phone jammers, topsignaljammer completed the cell phone signal shielding system project of the detention center, and the system worked well; Dingbian County TV University Teaching and Counseling Station, purchased our jammers and purchased our jammers, successfully completed the construction of the mobile phone signal shielding system, the system work Good; the Admissions Office of the Education Bureau of Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, purchased the jammer from our company, and successfully completed the construction of the mobile phone signal shielding system.