How to stop spy GPS trackers from exposing our routes?

In the movies, we often see agents tracking targets through various high-tech miniature tracking devices that look terrifying. But few realize that this happens not only in movies, but in real life as well. Some detectives, hackers, and even criminals track us with trackers that we can't detect with our naked eyes, but we're hard to find. So how do we stop this from happening?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

When it comes to eavesdropping, many people may first think of the plot of a spy war drama. However, these scenes we see in movies and TV are very likely to happen around us. Recently, a security company in Beijing was eavesdropped because of commercial secrets. The company failed to bid and suffered heavy losses. The eavesdropper turned out to be our common GPS locator.

In a security company in Beijing, the reporter saw such a small black box. The staff told reporters that the meeting of the company to discuss the marketing plan is highly confidential, but no one thought that this small black box was hidden under the seat. Due to the leakage of commercial secrets, the company failed to bid and suffered losses of tens of millions of yuan. This small black box, called GPS locator, is widely used in car anti-theft and enterprise operation vehicle management.

Therefore, in the United States, many people use portable GPS jammer that can simultaneously jam the GPS band of mobile phone signals to protect themselves from being tracked by others. This jamming device is very popular in the United States.