How to know and recognize cell phone jammers?

We use mobile phones every day, but often find that the mobile phone signal is very poor, or even directly interrupted, which prevents us from making calls and surfing the Internet. How can I determine if someone near me is using a mobile phone signal blocker?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

First of all, cell phone jammer need to be plugged in, so you can observe whether there is such a device near the power outlet;

In addition, the appearance of the cell phone signal jammer is also quite special. When you see a metal device with 6-10 antennas as long as chopsticks, it also means that this is a cell phone signal jammer; some cell phone signal jammers do not The antenna, which is a large box with a plastic casing, may also be a shield.

Finally, observe the signal strength of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone has no signal or no service, and cannot make calls and surf the Internet, it also means that a mobile phone signal jammer is installed.