How to choose a prison cell phone signal blocker?

Prison is a special place, these places are to install mobile phone jammers, so what should you pay attention to when installing jammers in prisons?

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Prison jammers are installed in many prisons. Criminals held in prisons, detention centers and other supervision places are not allowed to have the opportunity to communicate with the outside world in private. In the process of prison management, preventing prisoners from communicating with the outside world is an important task, especially mobile phones, because it is very likely that It will lead to the leakage of important prison information and help criminals to escape, with unimaginable consequences. Therefore, prisons are prepared to use prison signal jammers to improve the technological defense capabilities of supervision places.

Prison signal blocker used in prisons are different from jammers used in conference rooms, theaters and examination rooms, because the jail jammers running in prisons need to run continuously for 24 hours, which requires it to have a fairly high reliability. Then the regional environment in the prison is more complicated than the environment of conference rooms, theaters, and examination rooms. Therefore, when installing the prison signal jammer, it is necessary to fully consider the overall layout of the entire prison to facilitate the even distribution of shielded signals. At the same time, when installing the prison signal jammer, it is necessary not only to measure the construction accurately, but also to formulate a reasonable construction plan to ensure that the least number of machines are used and the easiest maintenance, and the later maintenance of the entire prison should be considered as a unified consideration.