How to choose a high-performance mobile phone signal jammer?

As we all know, a good signal jammer needs to cover many aspects, not only the product performance is higher, the quality assurance is better, but the price is also very affordable, after all, there are many choices. Today's market, but customers often want to choose the one that best suits their needs. This is also a consideration to achieve the highest cost performance.

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

Signal jammers are mainly used in campus examination rooms, prison cells, detention centers and other venues where it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones to enter. So how should you choose the most suitable signal jammer according to your own needs? The topsignaljammer below tells you the areas that you must pay special attention to when choosing a signal jammer.

1. Venue used: If it is used indoors, it is generally suitable for the examination room. The signal jammers in conference halls, company offices and other areas are small and high-power, and gas stations must use explosion-proof and heat-resistant; Make proper spacing. In particular, there is a certain demand for crossing the wall.

2. The requirements for the right requirements, that is, the classification of the signals. Before purchasing, you must know what signals you want to block. The mobile phone signals that are normally blocked are (2345G and 2.4G), but at this stage, you can Signal blockers that block 5g signals have long been popular.

3. The way of power supply system: rechargeable battery power supply system, the hand is built-in lithium battery, easy to carry, after the power is used up, you can use the charging head battery to charge; 220V power supply system, the desktop computer used in the examination room is 220V working voltage power supply system, the vehicle-mounted signal jammer generally uses the 12V working voltage power supply system in the car.

4. Appearance is not very critical relative to the shield, it is only the difference in the set structure. From the top of the appearance, the shield can also be divided into an external wireless antenna and a built-in wireless antenna. The external wireless antenna is because the wireless antenna is externally connected and flexed and stretched outward, so the actual effect is more stable. The machine with an external wireless antenna, except for the wireless antenna, the external adapter is also external, so for the built-in wireless antenna, the indoor space is larger; In the shell, the total area occupied is small, and the use is more convenient.