How should we use jammers to deal with illegal surveillance?

UAVs because we won't be surprised. On Amazon, we will see a variety of remote-controlled four-axis UAV models. They can be children's toys and they can be very exciting. And drones with cameras can take aerial photos, which is why they are so popular. Due to the reduced cost of drone technology, the drone market is very cheap and anyone can easily get a remote controlled airplane. The popularity of drones is good news. What are the possible dangers? You may not know, but drone surveillance is actually happening in our lives. Our privacy can be monitored and photographed by the device, which violates our data protection rights.

How should we use GPS jammer to handle drone surveillance or open fire? Small drones are designed for remote control. On the one hand, we can use a remote control jammer to prevent the drone's remote control from losing control. On the other hand, the drone control requires a frequency control of the corresponding signal and can be shot down by a professional drone jammer. It depends on how you monitor according to the type of drone. Remote control interference can be blocked by sufficiently wide and remote-controlled aircraft that usually have a certain range of connections, making it easier to stop.

UAVs are being used more and more around the world. People use drones to take great photos or videos that offer FPV (first person perspective) from the pilot's perspective. Capture the wonderful moment or the beauty of the landscape. Hence, we can see that drones are widely used at ceremonies, BBC news or other occasions.

However, drones can also be used to eavesdrop and monitor people, facilities and infrastructure in various environments and industries. This can pose a threat to our privacy and public safety. Hence, drone jammers have been used to interfere with commercial signals from drones or people who are afraid to monitor drones, despite federal law prohibiting such operations. , Marketing or selling any type of jamming device including 4g jammers for cellular radar, police, GPS and WIFI.

And most UAVs or quadcopters use L1, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz GPS, so blocking UAV jammers of those frequencies with a large interference radius can make UAVs ineffective. Put restrictions on the use of drones and drone wifi jammers will be used to deal with potential threats.