How effective is the cell phone signal jammer through walls?

The wall penetration performance of the jammer depends on the following aspects:

1. The material of the wall;

The walls are divided into brick-concrete, steel-concrete, and other materials, such as glass, wood, gypsum board, etc. The order of penetration of the cell phone jammer on the wall: glass>gypsum board>wood> brick-concrete>steel-concrete wall .

2. The thickness of the wall;

The thinner the wall thickness, the stronger the penetration.

3. The frequency of the signal;

The mobile phone signal jammer is a combination of RF modules of different frequencies. The lower the signal frequency, the better the penetration into the wall, 800>900>1800>2100>2300>2600, etc.

4. The power of the RF module;

The greater the power of the mobile phone signal jammer module, the stronger the penetration.