Hacking into smart facilities via Wi-Fi signal is dangerous, how to stop it?

If you are using your computer or mobile device to connect to the internet via WiFi at home, you are at risk of being attacked by WiFi hackers who can hack into your device through a wifi signal, manipulate it and cause property damage, I should How to stop them?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

When you are away from home, you can’t do without your mobile phone, and your mobile phone can’t do without the Internet, and the Internet involves WiFi.

When you go to a place, you will always ask what the wifi password is. The wifi in public places is actually very unsafe. On the surface, the wind and waves are calm. In fact, after you connect to the wifi, the account password, personal information and other sensitive information you enter will be blocked by someone. The equipment that was being observed secretly was unobstructed.

If you want to prevent intrusion by wifi signal, you can use wifi jammer, which can block wifi so that wifi signal cannot connect to the device.