Do wifi signal jammers affect GPS positioning?

There are many GPS applications in our lives, it is related to the convenience of our lives, and rescuers also use GPS positioning to carry out rescue. I would like to ask if the use of wifi signal jammers will affect GPS?

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There are many factors that affect the GPS signal, such as weather conditions, bad weather, rainy weather or strong wind, thunder and other weather, the GPS positioning signal strength will be very low, and positioning will be difficult but not impossible; Indoors, such as in the car, the GPS signal will also be affected. For example, when we use mobile phone navigation when driving, sometimes it will always prompt information such as weak GPS signal and inaccurate positioning; there is also electromagnetic interference or metal interference. , and for example, GPS positioning will be affected when there are many tall buildings around it. It is also related to the ability of the mobile phone to receive signals, but external factors are also very large.

Generally speaking, the wifi signal frequency band and the GPS signal frequency band are not in the same frequency band, so using a wifi jammer will not interfere with the GPS, but now many wifi signal jammers will have the function of interfering with the GPS, as long as you do not turn it on Interfering with the GPS band will not be a problem.