Do many temples use WiFi signal blockers?

I have heard that many temples in many countries are using WiFi blockers. Why do they do this?

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

Journalists in Monterrey, Mexico recently discovered that when they went to church to report on celebrity weddings, their phones were always off, preventing them from contacting editors behind them. When reporters asked the pastor why, the pastor replied: It was "Israeli counterintelligence." It turns out that the church had recently been fitted with an Israeli-made cell phone blocker.

This baroque church in Monterey has become a "marriage destination" for the local elite due to its particular popularity. Because of the "nuisance" of the holy wedding caused by the ringing of mobile phones, the priests have already asked for the installation of jammers two years ago.

"When there's a wedding, the phone rings almost every five minutes," said deacon Boumaro Carranza. "It's really a problem because sometimes the groom himself forgets. Turn off your phone."