Cameras with LTE (SIM): Can you turn off LTE with a jammer?

Good morning,

I want to buy a video camera with a SIM card with data in it.

So I don't need WiFi or a power cord because it's battery powered.

Is it possible to block the sending somehow so that the internet connection is down and the camera can't send.

For WLAN cameras, this can be achieved with jammers. Is there something that also disables SIM sending?

I find this model interesting:

Reolink Go 3G/4G LTE Surveillance Camera

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

Yes, a wifi signal jammer can do this, since the SIM card and the wifi signal do not belong to the same frequency band, you can choose a wifi jammer to interfere with the wifi signal, and the SIM card signal will not be affected.