You might not imagine the places where jammers are used

You might not imagine the places where jammers are used

Initially, removing GSM signals was an experiment, and not all owners of public facilities agreed. However, after such a successful start, more and more people began to use them to improve the quality of life and that of others. Among these people there are owners of various places of entertainment who appreciate the quality of leisure of tourists, as well as ordinary people who like to relax again in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

As soon as GSM signal jammers go on sale, people immediately take an interest in them, and these people work not only in secure structures, but also in completely normal facilities. Today there are hardly any cultural events without a cell phone jammer, so artists can breathe a sigh of relief as they can now complete their work without being distracted by outside noise.

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Before mobile jammers became popular, people in many industries had encountered cell phone problems. Once in the hall of the Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra, the cell phone rang. At that point, the conductor completely stopped the whole performance and the musicians played from the start. Pianist Andreas Schiff was not so patient in his concert. After playing on the phone twice, he continued to play, but after the third piece of music, the playing stopped and got up from the piano. It invites viewers to make the most of the resulting breaks for chatting, calling friends, coughing, and generally making noise in every way possible. Then he withdrew from the scene.

Another place where signal jammers are used may surprise you, because they are ... churches! Mobile jammers are designed so that their signals can cover almost any room, depending on their performance. So in churches, cathedrals and churches they put one, sometimes even several cell phone jammers, and now masses and ceremonies are no longer violated. Popes no longer complain that cell phones violate the awesome silence so necessary in the temple of God.

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