Will the use of the test room signal jammer during the test affect other electronic equipment?

Will the use of the test room signal jammer during the test affect other electronic equipment?

Nowadays, basically everyone who has taken the exam should know something about the signal jammer in the exam room. It is usually used before and after the classroom and when preparing for exams. This device is not just as simple as shielding mobile phone signals, but more to give candidates a level playing field. The installation of the signal blocker in the examination room may result in no network signal in an area. Special attention should be paid when using it, but this does not affect the transmission of the base station signal. Nowadays, mobile phones have generally become people's living habits. It may affect some students, and excessive mobile phone use can affect not only eyesight, but also academics. Since the appearance of the signal jammer in the examination room, it has cracked down on the phenomenon of some students using mobile phones in school. And it only blocks the mobile phone signal, the use of other electronic equipment and the signal sent by the base station are not affected. Many students now have mobile phones and lack self-control. They are addicted to games and novels. They use mobile phones to cheat in exams. Many schools install it and control it.

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The use of signal jammers in the examination room should be viewed rationally. It sends the signal of the specified frequency band and blocks the mobile signal received by the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot connect to the network, and cannot send and receive short messages through the mobile phone, so that the original message cannot be recognized, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding, so the signal blocker in the examination room will not affect Signals to places outside the area.

It is difficult to determine the number of destructive devices present. However, if frequency is present, countermeasures should be taken to allow frequency interference. However, the entire spectrum of this frequency band is very broad and cell phone jammers cannot protect all frequencies individually. In fact, there will never be a broadband jammer that can protect all frequency bands. Therefore, mobile data jammers are used to target the most common communication frequency bands. The development costs of portable jammers are very high and jammers are designed for the most common frequencies.

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I recently received a complaint at the library. Regardless of other people's feelings, shout out loud in public places. Persuasion is unnecessary. Protecting the rest of the building will cost tens of thousands of yen. The mobile phone signal suppressor is installed in the central reading room. Within the scope of protection, you can protect GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS/3G cellular signals. Once the cellphone goes beyond the shielding range, the cellphone can be used normally. Citizens reacted differently to the installation of portable WiFi jammers in libraries. Many people have trouble reading when they hear the phone ring.

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