Why use a mobile phone signal jammer in the exam room?

Why use a mobile phone signal jammer in the exam room?

In today's information age, with the development of science and technology, communication devices such as mobile phones have appeared, making people's lives more convenient. After experiencing constant upgrading, the functions of mobile phones have gradually become more and more, such as watching movies, chatting and surfing the Internet. However, there will be some people who will use their mobile phones to cheat in the exam, which breaks the original fairness of the exam and is a very bad behavior. This kind of behavior is also expressly prohibited in the exam. Nowadays, in order to prevent or eliminate this phenomenon in the examination room, the installation of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room has become the main means.

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Why can the cell phone blocker in the examination room prevent the phenomenon of cheating using mobile phones? This is because the mobile phone is inseparable from the wireless signal at all times during normal use. The mobile phone can send information to the outside world through the signal, and the mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room is just for this kind of wireless signal. If the mobile phone is within the working range of the device, it will be completely lost. As a device that can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of cheating, the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room has been supported by the examination rooms of the majority of schools. Now the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room has been vigorously promoted in the examination room, bringing a better guarantee for the order of the examination room. Allow students to get a real score.

Maintenance personnel can quickly inquire about the working status and failure of each mobile phone signal shielding terminal in the system through the main control software of the mobile phone signal shielding system on the network version. The status query of the signal shielding terminal should at least include: Functions such as power-on, power-off, and power adjustment can respond quickly, and can perform on-off control or power adjustment for each shielding module in the device.

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The above-mentioned status query should be applied to every shielding point in the entire mobile phone signal shielding system. When all the shielding points are inspected, a complete maintenance report will be obtained, from which it is possible to clearly know which specific shielding devices have failed. Here we need to remind the maintenance personnel that the fault points detected by the main control software of the shielding system can complete normal network communication with the shielding terminal. In fact, there may be another possibility, that is There is a network fault between some shielded terminals and the main control server, which makes the main control software unable to complete the terminal data delivery and upload. When encountering such a problem, a special prompt message of network communication interruption will appear on the main control software. The maintenance personnel must first check and solve the problem of smooth network transmission.

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