Why military sabotage technology is needed

Why military sabotage technology is needed

Russia's accumulated intelligence assets and electronic warfare tools also include the deployment of Krasukha-4, an advanced electronic warfare system used to disrupt radar and aircraft. Sputnik News reported on its presence in Syria claiming to have discovered a unique gps signal jammer system in a video report of a Russian jet at Latakia's Syrian airport. The system and its parabola are indicated by the 6 second mark in the video below.

Since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, a jumble of active, passive, weekly and powerful disruptors has arrived in Mesopotamia: Warlock Green, Warlock Red, Warlock Blue, ICE, MICE, SSVJ, MMBJ, Cards. Dunwood, Jukebox, Symphony. They are now collectively called CREW. This is an acronym clumsy acronym. IED electronic war against signal jammer.

As more and more military turmoil flooded the war zone, the turmoil became more and more chaotic. For months, the Army and Marine Corps have clearly recognized the shortcomings of electronic warfare expertise. "We put all these boxes there, but people don't know how to use them," said Major Arch Macy, commander of the Navy Naval Battle Center.

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This is especially true in Baghdad, where the electromagnetic environment appears to vary by community, season, and time zone. "No one knows how much interference will occur on the ground," said a Pentagon executive. This is the boundary between the earth and the air where the earth and the sky meet. The Army Logistics staff added: "I don't know the usual electronic noise, doorbells, garage door openers, and satellite communications that taxi drivers make because they didn't scientifically identify the problem. A normal life plan."

GPS interference isn't new, even North Koreans, but the latest tests are certainly rare. If there is no ground interference, it may indicate that the device is in the air, but since the FAA contains only airspace, ground interference cannot be ruled out.

In fact, interference could be just a testbed of new anti-interference technology that is under development and flying overhead. As the ability to interfere with GPS every day becomes easier and cheaper, the military is enthusiastically developing new systems that allow aircraft, drones and missiles to defeat the interference signals.

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