Why do you need a WiFi/Bluetooth jammer?

Why do you need a WiFi/Bluetooth jammer?

The development of mobile devices has greatly promoted the coverage and popularization of the WiFi network. Nowadays, WiFi and Bluetooth frequency bands, which mainly use the 2.4 GHz frequency range, are very commonly used for most people to access the Internet wirelessly.

However, despite their indisputable usefulness, WiFi and Bluetooth frequencies can be used by the government for shady activities (e.g. indoor tracking that spreads with lightning speed), which could violate privacy rights. privacy that you definitely have. In this case, WiFi is actively used to track your location indoors, primarily through hotspot location triangulation in a manner similar to cellphone tower location triangulation. And Bluetooth is also used for indoor tracking, especially in Bluetooth beacon tracking technology. As a precaution against the above situations, WiFi/Bluetooth jammers can help protect your privacy and hide your location indoors.

The next threat you should be aware of is related to wireless internet usage. It's the fact that the massive flaw discovered in WPA2, the encryption standard that secures all modern WiFi networks, has launched the possibility that anyone near you can easily access your information if you're on a WiFi network. . WiFi and Bluetooth are poorly protected against hackers, so your personal or business data is always in potential danger if there is wireless Internet access nearby. Not only can information about you be stolen, but there are also far worse things that can happen: law enforcement agencies can log into your webcam and peek through everything, or they can just use hidden cameras and microphones installed in your home, to eavesdrop and snoop on you secretly, retrieve streaming data using WiFi and Bluetooth connections. In such cases, you will need a powerful wireless signal jammer, Bluetooth jammer or WIFI blocker. All of these devices operate on a 2.4 GHz signal, so you will only need one device: the 2.4 GHz WiFi jammer.

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Moreover, smart home systems are increasingly in demand these days. And internet-connected devices, called the “Internet of Things,” are spreading everywhere. With such a state of affairs, all connected household items can thus become eyes and ears in your own home, serving to expose your privacy to the government. In this condition, only portable or desktop wifi jammer in this category will be able to solve the problem in advance.

In other cases, there are also drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) controlled via 2.4G frequency that could also be used to spy on you, although most of these robots are operated using remote controls . In order to be absolutely sure that no spy drone will be used for surveillance of your private meetings, business operations or any other event in your life, you should resort to a remote control jammer as well as a wifi jammer.

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