Why choose a high-power jammer?

Why choose a high-power jammer?

Generally, the working range of mobile phone signal jammers will vary according to the specific output power, while the shielding range of high-power jammers used in some open spaces can be as high as several hundred meters, which is suitable for indoor, low-power classrooms and conference rooms. The shielding range of the wifi jammer is generally about 10 meters. Of course, power does not determine the overall working area of ​​a jammer, but depends on the signal strength of the communication base station in the surrounding environment.

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Listening to the name is to know that high-power jammers must have a strong effect. Indeed, it is precisely because of its strong shielding ability that it is suitable for unique places such as prisons and detention centers. If a high-power jammer is used near a residential area, it will more or less affect the surrounding signals and interfere with the use of mobile phone voice calls by nearby residents. Therefore, high-power shields are generally suitable for relatively open places, far away from residential buildings. However, in some urban areas, multiple base stations are frequently built in a certain place, and the local signal strength increases, which leads to a large reduction in the shielding distance of some low-power signal jammers when they are in use. At this time, only high-power jammers can be used. Now, there are more and more signal transmitting base stations in big cities, and the environmental signal is becoming stronger and stronger, and the working range of some signal jammers will be affected. High-power shielding devices can only guarantee the shielding level if they are strictly required during production.

In some special application scenarios, high-power portable signal jammers will be favored by users, such as: when the special police face the negotiation scene of hostage rescue, when an emergency needs to block and control the on-site communication urgently, when When suspicious explosives are suddenly found in crowded places, it is very necessary to rely on similar professional equipment to provide technical support in these places. Usually such shielding devices use built-in batteries as the power supply source, so the problem comes, if in the actual application process, the time to solve the problem is lengthened for some reason, the high-power portable signal jammer we mentioned here can Do you work continuously for more than 3 hours?

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According to the product technical indicators disclosed by the current mainstream high-power portable signal jammer manufacturers, the nominal RF transmission power can reach 50W or more, and the RF module (or RF frequency band) of a single set of portable signal jammers can reach More than 15 can be called practical and meaningful high-power full-band signal jammers. According to preliminary evaluation, for such a set of full-band signal jammers, the total output power of all RF modules is usually between 600W and 1000W. . According to the conventional conversion ratio of 1:3 between RF power and power consumption, we can see that the total power of this type of equipment is about 2000-3000W.

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