Which power supply method is the best for the car frequency jammer?

Which power supply method is the best for the car frequency jammer?

In recent years, many public security and special police departments have begun to purchase and assemble vehicle-mounted frequency jammers. Usually, these customers provide the vehicle chassis of an SUV, and then send the purchased frequency signal jammer equipment to the vehicle modification factory for modification and assembly. Make it a qualified and satisfying car frequency jammer. However, in the process of formulating a vehicle modification plan, the question of which power supply method to choose is the best, which often becomes the first problem that customers must solve.

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Due to the large power consumption of the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer itself, it is generally required that the modified car can provide at least 5KW of power output, and there are even some vehicle-mounted frequency jammers, because there are many types of wireless signals that need to be targeted at interference, and it may be equipped with at least 24 A communication jamming module, which may require the modified car to provide at least 10KW of power output. With such a large power consumption, relying on the vehicle's own generator or its own battery will definitely not be able to meet the power supply demand.

There are usually two options for providing power to the on-board frequency jammer on the modified car: the first is to choose a conventional gasoline generator or a diesel generator. The biggest advantage after adopting this method is: low cost and cheap price. The purchase cost of a gasoline generator or diesel generator can be settled at 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. However, this method also brings obvious disadvantages: a separate isolation compartment needs to be made inside the vehicle, and exhaust and ventilation measures need to be taken. Because the noise of this type of generator is very loud, the exhaust fume and exhaust gas need to be discharged to the outside of the vehicle as soon as possible. There is also a disadvantage: if the vehicle modified in this way is used in a parked and stationary state, if the on-site environment is a windless state, oily smoke and exhaust gas will quickly accumulate around the vehicle, which will interfere with the vehicle frequency. The instrument brings a very bad experience in use.

The second way is to choose a power take-off generator, which is installed next to the original engine of the vehicle, and the power take-off generator is driven by a belt to generate electricity. The advantages of using this method are obvious: low noise, stable and reliable output power, and no additional oil fume and exhaust gas. But there are also disadvantages, which will make customers entangled: the purchase cost of the power generator is relatively high, and the price of a set needs to be at least hundreds of thousands, and even as high as two to three hundred thousand. Another disadvantage: not all vehicles can be used as vehicle chassis for on-board frequency jammers. Because it is necessary to consider whether there is a suitable space in the engine compartment of the vehicle to install the power generator.

If we have to ask the manufacturer to provide suggestions, our leading opinion is still: to choose the power supply mode of the power generator for the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer is the most suitable.

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