Which places need to be equipped with a full-band jammer

Which places need to be equipped with a full-band jammer

The emergence of mobile phones has brought convenience to people's lives and facilitated communication between people. However, there are pros and cons to everything, and there are many problems at the same time as convenience. For example, mobile phones are not allowed in the examination room, and detention centers and prisons implement control over mobile phones. Examination rooms, prisons and other important places will use full-band jammers to interfere with mobile phone signals to prevent communication with the outside world.

For many important exams in life, in order to prevent cheating and ensure the fairness of the exam, a full-band jammer will be equipped to interfere with mobile phone signals.

For detention centers and prisons, the control of mobile phones is very strict. Equipped with a full-band wifi jammer is the last barrier to prevent prisoners from contacting the outside world and prevent actions that are not conducive to social stability.

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Armies and military confidential places, examination paper proposition centers install full-band jammers, which can prevent leaks and loss of important data.

When important meetings of party and government agencies and companies are held, mobile phones are used at will, making the meeting impossible to proceed normally. Therefore, in order for the participants to concentrate, it is necessary to be equipped with a full-band jammer.

In addition to the places mentioned above, the use of mobile phones is also prohibited at gas stations. We all know that talking on the phone at a gas station can cause fires and explosions, but there are also people who take a chance and use their mobile phones regardless of the danger. Therefore, it is very necessary to install a full-band jammer at the gas station.

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