What should I know before choosing an exam room signal jammer?

What should I know before choosing an exam room signal jammer?

As June is approaching, major colleges and universities are preparing for the college entrance examination. Many schools choose signal blocker in the examination room to prevent students from cheating using devices such as mobile phones. So how to choose correctly and avoid some unnecessary problems.

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First of all, it is necessary to estimate the area that needs to be shielded on the ground, and to test the shielding distance of the signal shielding device in the test room. Do not only use the network test of a certain type of operator, but it is possible to try several times. During the exam, cheating candidates use different mobile phone networks. There are many 5G mobile phone networks. If the power of some signal shielding devices is not enough, the network may not be shielded at all. This is the difference between the models of each shielding device. Different shields have different parameters and different application environments. Be optimistic about the installation location in advance and communicate with the manufacturer in advance to reduce uncertainties and ensure a greater role.

In the exam, it is indeed a more effective method to use the test room signal jammer to manage the student exam. However, how well the shielding effect of the signal shielding equipment is, often depends on whether the electronic product can still receive and release the signal and the strength of the on-site signal. When purchasing equipment such as signal shielding, it is necessary to repeatedly verify its shielding effect and whether it is stable for a long time in combination with the situation at that time. In order to ensure the quality of signal shielding equipment, make a purchase.

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