What should be paid attention to when replacing the radio frequency module of the police frequency jammer

What should be paid attention to when replacing the radio frequency module of the police frequency jammer

The police jammer can selectively open different frequencies according to different usage scenarios. There are also different types of police frequency jammers, such as portable drag box type, vehicle type, backpack type and backpack type. Among them, the portable trailer type and vehicle-mounted police signal jammer can quickly replace the module, but when the police frequency jammer is replacing the RF module, it is not a random replacement. The following points need to be paid attention to.

First, the police jammer must be powered off before replacing the radio frequency module. Although the host device has taken sufficient safety protection measures, when replacing the radio frequency module, please be sure to power off the power first to ensure safe operation and avoid personal injury. damage, and also to protect police frequency jammers.

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Second, when removing and replacing the radio frequency module, the police jammer should pay attention to the order. First, use a wrench to unscrew the connecting feeder from the radio frequency module, then unscrew the screw fixing the radio frequency module, and then unplug the radio frequency module from the host. In the process of pulling out, pay attention to the appropriate force, and then insert the RF module to be replaced into the module compartment, pay attention to the direction of the module, and match the power supply interface of the host module with the power supply interface of the module. Do not use it before it corresponds. Brute force, then fix the module screws, and finally screw on the feeder.

Third, after replacing the radio frequency module, do not rush to supply power to the police frequency jammer. First check whether the frequency of the original radio frequency module is the same as that of the replaced module. If the frequencies of the two modules are different, the corresponding antenna needs to be replaced, otherwise It may damage the RF module and antenna, avoid unnecessary losses, and affect the normal use of the police frequency jammer.

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