What measures are used to solve the "Black Fly" UAV countermeasure system?

What measures are used to solve the "Black Fly" UAV countermeasure system?

In recent years, the drone industry has developed rapidly, and drones have gradually entered the public's field of vision. When some ordinary people came into contact with drones, they did not receive professional training to control drones, which also caused a large number of "black flying" drones. For example: Once an airport was continuously disturbed by drone activities in just one week, resulting in large-scale delays, return flights, or temporary landings at other airports, causing serious losses to airlines and seriously affecting the safety of public order. . And what methods are used by the UAV countermeasure system to effectively control the "black flight" situation?

By means of signal interference blocking, the UAV countermeasure system transmits high-power interference radio frequency signals to interfere with the signal connection between the target UAV and the operator, so that the UAV cannot continue to be controlled, thus triggering the unmanned aircraft return or landing function. The drone countermeasure system can transmit electromagnetic wave signals of directional signal frequency to the drone within the effective range, and cut off the signal transmission between the target drone and the ground remote control. This method is not for a single part of the frequency signal, but for all the signals used by drones. Therefore, as long as it is within the frequency band used by drones, the drone countermeasure system is effective.

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Use drone jammers to control "black fly" drones

The main purpose of using drone jammer is to reduce the potential safety hazards related to illegal infiltration or supervision of large-scale event facilities. The development of the drone industry has made the universal availability and ease of operation of drones used in daily life, which poses a greater security risk to social order. For example: transporting dangerous prohibited objects to the site, and filming some private places. All these actions can be carried out by drones. The current drone aircraft has a good cargo capacity, so we must pay attention to prevention and control.

The drone jammer suppresses drone equipment and video transmission channels through control signals, mainly through the interference of GPS satellite signals, to achieve active protection against "black flying" drones. When the drone jammer is in use, the drone is likely to be lost during data transmission such as video images, and in order to prevent the drone from flying further into the protected area. When the drone loses contact with the operator and GPS signal, it will automatically return until the battery is exhausted. Within the operating range of a drone jammer, the RF signal would force the drone's operator to stop flying near the system-equipped facility, preventing the drone from causing damage. This method of cracking down on the "black flying" of drones minimizes the risk of people's private property.

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