What is the need for drone jammers for low-altitude airspace security?

What is the need for drone jammers for low-altitude airspace security?

The drone industry is developing rapidly, and drone manufacturers continue to manufacture, which has led to the fact that drones have become very common today. At present, there is no clear system for the supervision of "black flying" drones in China. There have been many incidents of "black flying" drones breaking into no-fly areas, illegal shooting at low altitudes, flying in violation of regulations, and dropping unknown objects. , has seriously endangered the safety of the city's low-altitude areas, and the emergence of drone jammers guarantees this demand.

Fundamentally solve the threat of UAV black flying, change the backward state of low-altitude defense, and avoid the recurrence of UAV black flying. Therefore, it is necessary to build a complete set of UAV countermeasure system to provide a more powerful guarantee for low-altitude safety. The drone countermeasure system can target and dynamically update the drones within the monitoring range based on the drone jammer as the space center. Effective UAV countermeasures can be carried out for UAVs of "unknown origin", so that the strike target is forced to land or return to the original route and leave the monitoring area. Even at night, the UAV countermeasure system can complete the entire workflow autonomously, enabling comprehensive prevention and control.

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The UAV countermeasure system has the characteristics of reasonable deployment and simple operation. Its UAV jammer is stable in operation and safe and reliable in performance. There have been many successful cases, and it can be used for long-term security work in low-altitude airspace. In order to ensure the construction quality of the UAV countermeasure system, considering the change of options, UAV jammers are paired into each system. Reasonable configuration can be applied to air defense work as early as possible, and the system structure can be added and reorganized to ensure the coverage effect. Using mature technology in the UAV countermeasure system to deal with the current situation, it is also necessary to plan for the changes and development of low-altitude security in the future, and adapt to the future in the fastest way.

A drone jammer is a device specially designed to interfere with the signal and control of drones. It can remotely control, jam, track and intercept drones. The use of drone jammers in low-altitude airspace can achieve the following goals:

Prevent aviation accidents caused by UAV interference: If the UAV encounters sudden interference or the control signal is attacked during flight, it may lead to loss of control or crash, posing a serious threat to the surrounding environment and personnel. The use of UAV jammers can effectively eliminate these interferences, improve the control reliability of UAVs, and avoid aviation accidents caused by UAV interference.

Protecting the security of sensitive areas: UAVs are highly intrusive and concealed, and are easily used for malicious attacks, stealing, surveillance and other illegal activities. In terms of protecting the security of sensitive areas, the use of drone jammers can effectively intercept drone intrusions and protect the security of sensitive information and facilities.

Supporting emergency rescue: In scenarios such as natural disasters and emergency rescue, drones can play an important role. However, if there are a large number of drones flying in the low-altitude airspace, it may interfere with the flight of emergency rescue drones and cause heavy losses. The use of drone jammers can effectively control the number and range of activities of drones in low-altitude airspace, providing guarantee for emergency rescue.

In short, low-altitude airspace security has a very strong demand for UAV jammers. Only under the premise of ensuring the safety of UAVs can the development and application of UAV technology be better promoted.

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