What is the effect of mobile phone jammer?

What is the effect of mobile phone jammer?

Nowadays, cheating on exams can be regarded as commonplace, and students who don’t study hard are thinking of being smart. Mobile phones do provide convenience for everyone's daily life. Cheating is not allowed during exams on campus. However, students gradually learn to use mobile phones to cheat, but they can't solve the problem of mobile phones. What should we do? The cell phone jammer has played a particularly great effect, and I will introduce it to you below.

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The mobile phone jammer can be connected to each other with the help of electromagnetic waves in a reasonable frequency area, and the baud rate and deployment method of the corresponding frequency are used to realize the transmission between data and sound. This is the communication mechanism of the jammer. According to this mechanism, the jammer can use corresponding efficiency to scan from low frequency to high frequency during operation. With this kind of scanning efficiency, garbled codes can be generated from the mobile phone when the signal is received. Influence.

Therefore, when the mobile phone obtains data, it cannot receive the signal from the communication site. This type of influence cannot establish a perfect connection between the mobile phone and the communication site. This form of expression is that the signal cannot be found, and there is no signal. , The signal is not good, etc., in this case, you can’t send messages and talk to the phone.

The application area of ​​mobile phone jammers is still very common. When the exam is done in the campus, large-scale signal jammers will be installed around the campus to immediately interfere or intercept the signals transmitted by the mobile phones in the campus, which really encourages every student The exams are all equal.

When doing a certain key conference, the mobile phone jammer can effectively shield the mobile phone signal and avoid the leakage of important information in the conference. Many military restricted areas also use large-scale signal jammers to prevent the leakage of critical military data, and use the interception and use of communication signals to better supervise military intelligence.

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