What is the current mainstream form of 5G shields?

What is the current mainstream form of 5G shields?

By 2022, 5G communication technology has been widely popularized, and the 5G shielding device for 5G signal shielding is also advancing with the times and developing synchronously. Continuous upgrade iterative process for signal masking.

The 2G/3G jammer at the beginning usually has 4-5 frequency bands for signal shielding, and 4-5 matching transmitting antennas. At this time, the casing (body) of the jammer is usually made of metal. The shell and antenna are also directly screwed to the RF terminal of the shell, which is very similar to the common WiFi routers on the market, and the size of the shield is also relatively small.

With the popularization and application of 4G communication technology after 2010, the signal shielding modules of the original 3-4 frequency bands can no longer meet the signal shielding for all 2G/3G/4G signals. At this time, the number of modules of the shielding device began to gradually increase. into 6-8, and the corresponding number of antennas is also the same. For the appearance of the shield, most shield manufacturers still use a metal casing (the casing also acts as a heat sink). But at this time, the drawbacks brought by such an appearance structure have begun to appear: 1. With the increase of the number of modules, the heat generation increases greatly, and the radiator of the casing becomes hot and the failures increase! 2. With the increase of antennas, the use and maintenance of the shield becomes a problem, and the external antenna is easily damaged by humans! 3. Aesthetics: Multiple antennas are like hedgehogs.

By 2020, with the advent of the 5G era, the number of frequency bands required for 5G jammers has increased to at least 12. If the straight metal shell is used as in the past, the device will be completely like a hedgehog. Obviously, such an appearance structure has reached the point where it cannot be changed.

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Because of this, as a professional jammer manufacturer, topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. has independently designed and produced special-purpose jammer molds since 2011. Now we have a series of 4G signal jammer and 5G jammers. exclusive housing for the device. In the past, our company advocated that the appearance of the shield is an integrated form, but now, when the 5G shield is about to be supplied to the market in large quantities, the appearance of our 5G shield will be more creative: grouping and modular assembly. Welcome new and old customers to request relevant product information from our company.

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