What is drone countermeasures and how to counter drones?

What is drone countermeasures and how to counter drones?

UAV countermeasure is to control some means that interfere with the normal flight of the UAV, that is, to interfere with the flying UAV through some technologies and cause it to fall. How to carry out drone countermeasures, first understand the principle of drone flight before that.

During the flight of the drone, the ground operator must issue remote control commands to control it to make various actions. And these are done through remote control technology, which consists of a controller, a control circuit, a data transmission circuit and a signal receiver. The controller is responsible for the generation of remote control coding signals and the generation of ranging reference signals. The control circuit accepts and judges the command code output by the controller. The data transmission circuit is mainly responsible for the frequency modulation and high-frequency power of the command signal, and sends the encoded signal to the UAV through the transmitting antenna. The signal receiver receives the ground RF signal through the receiving antenna. , After a series of operations, a control digital signal is generated to realize the control of the UAV.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

During the flight of the UAV, GPS is installed to obtain its own position in real time, and the GPS satellite navigation system is used for flight control. From the perspective of GPS positioning principle, GPS signal jamming technology can affect the GPS signal reception of UAVs. drone jammer are used to generate electromagnetic signals that interfere with UAV communication, and directional interference to UAVs makes it impossible to obtain Accurate enough coordinate data to achieve the purpose of UAV countermeasures.

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