What is a drone countermeasure system?

What is a drone countermeasure system?

If the UAV is found in a place where it should not appear, we must take favorable technical measures to control it, so we use the technical support of the UAV countermeasure system to counteract the "black fly" Drone strikes.

In the process of countering drones, the UAV countermeasure system will locate its position in real time once it finds a "black flying" target, and then use the drone's electromagnetic interference technology to achieve the purpose of countering drones. If the UAV countermeasure system wants to understand the situation in the monitoring field and realize the monitoring of "black flying" UAVs at all times, it generally uses radio, radar and other technical support. Whenever a "black fly" is encountered, it will be given electromagnetic interference to the UAV, and it will be positioned and tracked until it leaves the monitoring area.

Nowadays, the wireless signal technology used by domestic drones mostly depends on the 1.5G and 5.8G frequency bands, or is slightly different from the frequency bands of foreign drones. Therefore, in countering drones, the drone countermeasure system It requires the support of UAV electromagnetic interference technology in multiple frequency bands. After the "Black Fly" UAV is discovered, the UAV countermeasure system will take effective measures to counter the UAV after the UAV countermeasure system accurately locates it. That is, drone electromagnetic interference. This interference mode sends directional radio frequency and sound waves to the "Black Fly" UAV in the UAV countermeasure system, which interferes or cuts off the communication between the UAV and the remote control, forcing the "Black Fly" UAV to leave.

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What are the ways to counter drones?

In recent years, UAV countermeasure technology has developed rapidly. As a signal suppression device, it has been widely used in various fields. UAV countermeasures can interfere with "black flying" drones that threaten civilian and military installations. What methods are used for UAV countermeasures?

During the UAV countermeasure process, the UAV countermeasure equipment will output a large number of radio frequency signals to interfere with the information transmission function of the "black flying" UAV and the operator. The combination method of using some signal jamming is also the usual method of many drone countermeasures. Judging from some usage conditions, uav jammer use wireless signals to suppress interference, which has also played a significant role in social order security and public security management. UAV jammers can also use some unconventional weapons, so that it can destroy the important part of the fuselage of the "Black Fly" UAV in countering UAVs and make it fall, which is relatively expensive.

Today, the signal frequencies used by most drones on the market are: 1500MHz, 2400MHz and 2500MHz. On this basis, the UAV may also carry other wireless electronic devices, and of course some related signal output will also be generated. In the face of drones with different frequency signals, drone jammers usually send out multiple signal frequency bands to interfere with them.

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