What affects the effect of cell phone signal jammer?

What affects the effect of cell phone signal jammer?

First: The strength of the mobile phone signal in the conference room

What is the signal strength of a mobile phone? It is the strength of the signal transmitted by the mobile phone when receiving the base station. In different places, the signal received by the mobile phone is not constant. Everyone should have encountered poor mobile phone signal, intermittent call quality, Internet access The experience of fast and slow speed. This is caused by the strength of mobile phone signals in different places. Professionals can measure detailed signal types, spectrum distribution, and signal strength and other parameters through professional equipment spectrum analyzers. Android mobile phone users can also download and experience it through a mobile APP (cellular-Z). The stronger the mobile phone signal strength, the smaller the effective shielding range of the meeting room mobile phone jammer.

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Second: the structure and size of the conference room

Whether there is a partition in the meeting room and the area of the meeting room are also one of the factors that affect the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer in the meeting room. The cell phone jammer in the meeting room emits a white noise signal with the same frequency as the mobile phone signal. After passing through the wall The signal strength will be greatly attenuated, and it may not be enough to shield the mobile phone signal in the cubicle. If the area is too large, it may not be able to completely cover the entire meeting room, because the signal emitted by the jammer will also change with the distance. The increase gradually decays. At this time, it is necessary to consider adjusting the position of the mobile phone jammer or increasing the number to supplement the unshielded area. You can refer to TOP-818B5, this conference room cell phone signal jammer has a beautiful appearance and no noise when working, especially suitable for use in conference rooms.

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