Vehicle shielding system introduction

Vehicle shielding system introduction

The vehicle-mounted shielding system is composed of a high-power full-band vehicle-mounted wireless signal jammer, a radio frequency omnidirectional antenna, a feeder, and a power supply system. Based on the principle of mobile phone communication, this product adopts DDS digital widescreen scanning technology, which can shield mobile phones 2G/3G4G5G/WiFi/GPS/walkie-talkie, various remote controls, various wireless cheating work, wireless microphones, remote control drones and other wireless devices. To search the network, no signal, no service and other phenomena. Using brand imported components, independent research and development and production, stable performance and long-term durability. Best-selling domestic and foreign markets.

The vehicle-mounted shielding system can be customized, and the customization is divided into 12/18/24 channel optional combinations to achieve 20-6000MHz seamless coverage. The host of the vehicle-mounted shielding system adopts an aluminum alloy chassis with a portable design, waterproof and shockproof, easy to carry, installed in the car, and fully covered with ultra-wide frequency bands.

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The radio frequency antenna is a key part of the vehicle shielding system. The host module is connected to the omnidirectional radio frequency antenna on the roof through the feeder, and the maximum shielding distance is 500 meters (depending on the distance of the surrounding base stations).
Each module of the vehicle-mounted shielding system host is designed separately, and each module has a built-in cooling fan, plug and play, and the frequency can be customized for easy maintenance. Each module is switched independently, and the DDS digital system can set the frequency and power through software.

The vehicle-mounted shielding system has a built-in intelligent temperature-controlled cooling system to ensure that the host can be turned on for a long time. Moreover, before each machine is shipped, multiple spectrum analyzer tests and long-term load aging are carried out to ensure stable machine quality and guaranteed power.

The vehicle-mounted shielding system can be applied to the EOD/bomb disposal site: to prevent wireless detonation, car bombs, remote control bombs, etc., to avoid unnecessary casualties;
For emergencies, you can quickly arrive at the scene, block and control communication signals and control public opinion rumors;
Used for head of state/VIP VIP pick-up convoy or military convoy away from roadside bombs and remote-controlled explosive devices. Prevent terrorists from using satellites to track and locate;
The vehicle-mounted shielding system can control and interfere with unmanned aerial vehicles (illegal low, small and slow), drive away, and force landing, and the radius of control is ≥ 1500 meters;
When the police and robbers confront each other, it can be used to block and suppress the communication between the gangsters, which is convenient for arresting law enforcement and preventing information leakage;
It can be used to prevent terrorists from detonating remote-control bombs installed in secret-related fields, military areas, government agencies and other important places. At the same time, it can effectively prevent terrorists lurking in the above-mentioned places from using the wireless communication device to communicate with the outside world.

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