Various checks on how signal jammers work.

Various checks on how signal jammers work.

Signal jammers guide and interfere with the downlink signal between the base station and the cell phone, as well as the signal state of the mobile device. Therefore, signal jammers, guaranteeing the impartiality of inspections, protecting phone wifi signals, etc., are widely added to different inspections.

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1. What is the difference between the ideal and the actual scope of protection?

Ideal Range: Shielded distance unaffected by 500m base stations and obstacles in an open environment.

Large range: affected by certain factors, such as signal towers, direction, possible obstacles, spacing of wall materials, height of placement rules, etc.

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2. What signal jammer do the inspection rooms need?

Usually one jammer is sufficient for examination rooms in open environments.

But in a real environment, it needs to be tested and guaranteed what it needs.

Jammers with high-power signals help reach large areas.

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