Use the drone jammer countermeasure system to avoid the impact of "black flying" on the scene

Use the drone jammer countermeasure system to avoid the impact of "black flying" on the scene

In recent years, the civilian drone industry has developed rapidly, and the cost of various technologies has been greatly reduced, which has led to the rapid popularization of civilian-grade drones and has gradually become one of the facilities in people's leisure and entertainment life. However, there are good and bad aspects, and the application of drones also brings many hidden dangers. Due to the lack of management and training, drones "flying in the dark" have caused an endless stream of incidents such as harassment, injury, and privacy theft, which bring potential risks to people's privacy and health and the public safety of society. Well, the "black flight" of drones is rampant, which makes us have to use the drone jammer countermeasure system as a defensive measure.

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Because the current drone holdings are growing too fast. The scale of my country's civil drone market is gradually expanding, and the development trend is very rapid. This has brought about the widespread popularity of UAV applications, more and more "black flying" UAVs, and uav jammer countermeasure systems are also showing their skills. At this stage, although the UAV industry is developing rapidly, the UAV training market has just started, and the facilities and resources are not complete enough. As a result, there are not many pilots with professional flying skills and literacy. Fly" is more common. When the problem of "black flying" of drones appears, the current law is still incomplete. At the same time, in terms of technology, the development of major enterprises is uneven, and some enterprises lack the ability and technology to prevent and control, and there are shortcomings. This requires the UAV jammer countermeasure system to eradicate the "black flying" situation of UAVs and improve the UAV after-sales market.

Most of the popular police anti-drone equipment on the market are gun-style (similar to gun-shaped) jamming equipment. This type of equipment is impressive in video, but it is not suitable for actual combat applications. Consistent with many defects.

Most of them use low transmission power (2-5W for a single frequency band), and the effective range is less than 500 meters. Serious consequences.


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Most of them use directional antennas: the premise of using directional antennas is that the direction and position of the drone have been determined in advance, which is extremely unrealistic in actual combat! Specific reasons:

(1) In actual combat, the most basic requirement is that UAVs should not be able to enter the protected area, and only those who occasionally penetrate the defense may be discovered. It is too late to use directional jamming after discovery;

(2) To use a directional antenna, the premise is that the UAV must be visible. In actual combat, the height of the UAV exceeds 300 meters, and the naked eye can no longer recognize it. When approaching at low altitude, trees, buildings, billboards and other objects are blocked. will obstruct vision;

(3) The anti-drone protection area does not necessarily have to be in sunny weather. It needs to be considered that in cloudy, hazy or night situations, the detectable distance of drones will be very short;

(4) The interference of directional antennas requires the personnel on duty to keep an eye on the sky and the near-earth space at all times, but the human field of vision (the place where the eyes can see clearly) is limited, and if it takes a long time, there will be visual fatigue;

(5) UAVs engaged in sabotage or terrorism, attacking in multiple sorties, in batches or from multiple directions, the equipment for directional antennas will lose sight of others;

(6) The gun-shaped anti-drone equipment has a built-in directional antenna. The user is close to the interference source, and the electromagnetic radiation received is also strong. Working for a long time will cause harm to the human body.

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