Use test room signal jammers to prevent fraud

Use test room signal jammers to prevent fraud

College entrance exams are an important turning point in life. Young people cannot tolerate any temptation and cannot regret it for the rest of their lives. As a place where cell phone jammer are used, schools choose to use laboratory jammers to prevent fraud in college entrance exams.

However, as the exam season approaches, different illegal elements emerge from different locations, giving students improper ways of cheating, and many candidates are often fooled into being tempted. .. As a result, I end up using illegal methods in the office, and as the person in charge of the office, I definitely want to prevent this. Recently, more and more schools are using signal shields in doctor's offices to prevent college entrance exams. Cheating.

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The main solution for this feature is currently the solution, as many "high-tech" products are used to send information to the laboratory via signal transmission and must be performed where the signal is. Using a test room signal jammer in the test room. It can shield all electronic signals within range directly from the source, and with some differences depending on the model and product, the shielding range is also very large.

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