Use a jammer to mute phones around you

Use a jammer to mute phones around you

Marie (1), a teacher at Sarthois High School, was so drunk that her students preferred their laptops, and she ordered car jammers on the Internet. She has been using her "toy" for a year and a half.

Just type "cell phone jammer" into a search engine and the object of crime will appear. Tired of her students handling keyboards "under the cloak", she decided to do the same. "I activate it with classes that annoy me, and generally I hide it with a notebook. It's a real problem with phones in class, students have a lot of tricks, they hide it behind a bag, a pencil box, a loose pocket," she said.

The principle is simple: jammers send waves that block the network from receiving. "It's funny, the students tend to be closer to the window, hoping it will work better," jokes Mary.

I am sensitive to electricity and my neighbor's wifi network is causing me multiple symptoms. I kindly asked my neighbors if they could turn off their wifi networks, but they refused to do so - which is obviously their right.

So, I looked for a solution to protect myself and found the best solution with scientific explanation, which is Car GPS jammer . I found a French site that sold it for three years, and the seller assured me that its use was legal. The seller also told me that he is also electrically sensitive and that he uses a wifi jammer himself to protect himself from his neighbors wifi. In my understanding and layman's language, I would rephrase his explanation to say that the jammers "disperse" the waves, thus eliminating their harm.

Even if that's not the goal, this jammer has the potential to disrupt my neighbor's wifi network or even prevent them from using it entirely (I don't quite understand the seller's explanation for this, but we can be fairly logically afraid of jamming).

Adjustable Box Type Hidden Antenna Cell Phone  Wifi Jammer

So I'm wondering if I can legally use this device to protect myself from the harmful effects of wifi on my health.

Who has never endured the passionate conversation of this charming young girl in the subway, who made the entire subway train benefit from the conversation she got off the day before.

In an open-space office, no one could have dreamed of letting this unscrupulous colleague make his personal call on his cell phone through the window.

Never has a neighbor found it more fun to make a phone call from the landing zone of your building's cell phone jammer or from her balcony in the summer with the windows open.

For all those annoying neighbors who don't respect anyone, here's a somewhat expensive but very effective solution, cell phone jammers.

On the Internet, you can buy different types of cell phone jammers at various prices. Here are two (including the one I personally tested) that summarize the range of these jammers. These 4G jammers interfere with GSM, 3G, DCS, PHS

While some people complained about their carrier's dropped connection or unstable network, others were happy. Some even use jammers to mute surrounding phones.

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