US hopes to develop jammers to dominate future electronic warfare

US hopes to develop jammers to dominate future electronic warfare

Communication security is a big issue for the modern world. With the advancement of science and technology, mistakes in movies can be easily bought. As a result, the security of personal communications is less and less guaranteed. This is why the research institute has developed a device called a jammer. This type of device is very popular after startup. More and more people are starting to use this type of equipment. More and more people are starting to use this type of equipment.

10 Bands Portable High Power Cell Phone Jammer Jamming GPS WiFi 4G

The basic principle of the device is that similar high power signals can suppress the received signal. By following the same principle of frequency interference, all communication can be avoided in the end. You see, this device is very popular in North America.

Both the operating frequency and the signal strength of the GPS jammer are greater than the expected signal of the receiver.

Therefore, if the telephone jammer has sufficient power and a sufficiently wide signal spectrum, it is possible to jam all receivers on one base. Another method is to scramble with a copy of the expected signal and have the receiver receive the scrambler instead of the expected signal.

The U.S. military is now hoping that drone-mounted signal jammers dominate future electronic warfare (GE) and shift to a contract approach that people understand and manage poorly. NextGov reports. According to four US officials, the Russian military has blocked US military drones flying over Syria, severely affecting US military operations.

With the growing popularity of GPS jammers, the military is hoping its missiles can ignore false signals. The military is looking for "new technologies that use existing antenna configurations or make subtle modifications to the RF front of the vehicle to determine the direction of sources of malicious interference (i.e. traceable imitation signals) to missile platforms (which can be extended to other platforms). "

The military pointed to a newly developed algorithm that, for example, will allow missiles to detect jammers and determine their location. B. Multi-signal classification (MUSIC). These algorithms focus on the unique attributes of GPS jammers. “For example, traceable jammers (also called spoofers) are likely to create a complete GPS-like constellation and broadcast from a common point. Therefore, these signals will produce a prolonged constellation-wide delay ( i.e. in flexible tube (relative other defined characteristics of malicious interference may include increased energy (i.e. interfering signals), clock shift / offset chromaticity, inter-satellite interference, etc. "

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