Types of mobile jammers

Types of mobile jammers

The wireless industry is developing very rapidly at present. Lots of useful innovations have been created, but lots of threats arise which can harm every person's privacy. jammer5g offers a large number of wholesale jamming equipment. Our company strives to provide buyers with high quality jammers to jam cell phone signals as well as frequencies of other devices. The products sold in our list have the best quality and the best features. This is one of the reasons why we are not afraid to give a one year warranty on our signal blockers and jamming equipment, because we ensure that these devices can be used without any problem. . The types of cell phone jammers are mentioned below to help you know which type of blockers can be applied in case something goes wrong.

Types of jammers:
Mobile communication blockers.
Mobile communications jammers ensure the blocking of GSM 900 - 1800 networks, which allows the signal of the cell phone to be completely destroyed in its working range. The phone will not be able to forward messages or make calls. Mobile phones are not only used for communication but also for wiretapping and eavesdropping, so gsm signal jammer can lock wiretapping using special device when meeting .

WiFi lockers.
Wireless Internet blockers generate noise in the range of 3G, 4G, GPRS Internet networks, as well as a computer wireless Wi-Fi system. Wireless networks with Internet access are used for covert shooting, wiretapping and spying. Different 3g bugs and video cameras, surveillance devices with Wi-Fi transmission will not do any harm, if you use wireless 3g jammer.

GPS jammer
GPS jammer generate interference in the range of GPS and GLONASS 1500-1600 MHz standards, which locks up the signal and makes it impossible to obtain exact position and placement. Satellite jammers provide full protection against GPS spy trackers and other devices used for surveillance and positioning.

Dictaphone and video bug blockers.
Dictaphone jammers broadcast acoustic white noise or sound conversion, which prevents the operation of any spy devices, such as hidden microphones and video cameras. In fact, acoustic noise generators have a short range and are used for protection in a small area. Voice recorder suppressors block the recording of analog and digital voice recorders, as well as other devices that can record audio recordings - phones, bookmarks, bugs.

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rf jammer
There are many universal devices in the world that can be used to spy or harvest illegal information, but anyway, it is better to take care of the protection in advance than to have problems in the future. The radio jammer operates at a frequency range that is used for their interaction 400-470 MHz.

Anti drone solution.
The popularity of flying quadcopters and using drones is steadily increasing. At the same time, the number of disruptions related to their participation is also increasing. Finding drones and neutralizing their unauthorized intrusion into the forbidden zone will be possible with the help of specially developed jammers. To protect the object, it is enough to buy a drone jammer. Thus, espionage, terrorist actions and many other problems caused by unauthorized drones can be stopped.

Universal jammers.
Most communication blockers are equipped with several mute systems, so they can block several types of communication at the same time. The jammer can neutralize several separate signals and most devices, these suppressors are classed as universal. They have the ability to adjust the range in which the signals will be broadcast.

If you want to grow your business and avoid unexpected situations, you must do your best to protect it. Do not save money on the purchase of devices such as jammers, it is not worth it, because otherwise the company may fall. Please feel free to contact our managers and learn more about 3g and 4g jammer and other frequency blocking equipment.

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