The use of hand held cell smartphone signal jammers in the exam room

The use of hand held cell smartphone signal jammers in the exam room

Product advent:

Handheld cell cellphone signal jammer (also called transportable mobile smartphone jammer/blocker/suppressor/truncator/isolator/conference facts protection system) is the advanced era of our manufacturing facility, that's in particular aimed toward a few small locations that require security and confidentiality. , consisting of college examination rooms, small convention rooms, and so forth., according to the actual scenario of domestic and overseas cell communications, the a hit development of interference products, it can block GSM/CDMA/DCS/ PHS/3G/4G/5G, mobile telephone sign and WIFI signal.

Make it not possible for cell phones to make and acquire calls within the place, and could no longer intrude with the work of other electronic devices inside the environment. When the telephone is far far from the defensive variety, it could resume regular use. Give you a protection, however additionally a Ningjing.

The university entrance examination mobile cellphone signal jammer is equipped to prevent applicants from dishonest the use of cell phone conversation. After the mobile phone sign jammer is turned on, it will intrude with the reception and transmission of conversation indicators, and save you candidates from the usage of cell gadgets to cheat and violate guidelines. In addition to being used in faculty assessments, cell cellphone sign jammers also are suitable for various places with wireless routers, laptops and desktops with wi-fi LAN playing cards. Computers and wi-fi routers can speak at once with the Internet, so there are Possibility of leaking through wireless community. At this time, using a cellular smartphone signal jammer to intrude with WIFI can offer protection safety for constant and wireless neighborhood area networks.

In order to ensure the protecting impact of the examination room and realise the interference of the mobile smartphone signal jammer to the wi-fi community, it's miles necessary to make certain that the signal power despatched by using the mobile phone sign jammer is greater than the sign area power of the goal interference location, especially the 4G5G base station dense signal bandwidth is especially extensive. Mobile from 2515- 2675MHZ Telecom 3400-3500MHZ, Unicom 3500-3600MHZ have reached the bandwidth of 100-160M, and the anti-interference ability of the bottom station is stronger. Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd. And Xiamen Innoxun have mutually advanced a 5G RF amplifier chip YP352833. The working frequency band is in At 3.5G, the electricity can reach 2W. The location in which the jammer is used is much less than a hundred meters away from the bottom station, the signal discipline strength protected via the bottom station may be very sturdy, and the powerful protective area of ​​the mobile phone signal jammer is small, so you should pay attention to this whilst using it. , tx-cm10 mobile telephone signal jammer is an interference product evolved by using Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd. With realistic capabilities and convenient design. It can block the community signal within five-30 meters, and use high-power co-frequency scanning to intrude with the downlink signal of the base station, which realizes the green shielding of 4G5G signals and guarantees the protection of the specified locations.

Handheld Cell Phone Signal Blocker Jamming CDMA GSM 3G WIFI2.4G GPSL1


1. Shield GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G/4G/5G frequency bands

2, the usage of brushed shell, lovely and generous

three. Total transmit energy 20W

four. Effective protective distance is five-30 meters

5, easy to carry concealed, small length, light weight,

6. It may be used for extra than 1 hour when it is became on, and it is straightforward to charge.

7. Low strength intake, no harm to human body and environmental safety

Applicable locations

1. Small locations with unique needs for protection and confidentiality

2. School examination room, exclusive assembly room, negotiation room

three. Mobile motors and cellular environment defend the scene

four. Various small or temporary meeting rooms of enterprises

5. Special wishes in non-public existence or business

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