The use of full-band jammers needs to be standardized

The use of full-band jammers needs to be standardized

Recently, the Xuchang Radio Administration Bureau received complaints and reports from mobile operators, and quickly formed a joint law enforcement team to investigate the interference area of ​​the communication base station. It was found that a full-band jammer was privately installed in a warehouse of an enterprise, and it was required to immediately rectify and restore normal communication.

According to the current newly revised "Regulations on Radio Management of the People's Republic of China", individuals, enterprises and institutions install full-band signal jammer without permission, interfere with the communication base station, and thus affect the normal communication, they will be punished. The use of frequency band jammers needs to be reasonably regulated.
Even though relevant laws and regulations have been promulgated, due to insufficient penalties, many people still take risks and install full-band jammers without permission. Among them, quite a lot of people do not understand the working principle of full-band jammers, mistakenly think that all-band jammers are similar, and randomly choose manufacturers with incomplete qualifications, or buy cheap ones.

And this entails taking considerable risks. It mainly reflects radiation and interference to the base station.

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1. Excessive radiation of inferior full-band jammers

Most of the full-band jammers on the market use co-frequency suppression for signal interference, which will inevitably generate radiation. Inferior full-band jammers cut corners and did not test and limit the radiation value. If the radiation value is too high, it will cause damage to human health. Therefore, inferior full-band jammers are unnecessary.

2. Causing interference to communication base stations in violation of management regulations

Inferior full-band jammers just blindly increase the power of interference. In addition to increasing radiation, they do not have the corresponding TD synchronization function, which will cause the full-band jammer to interfere with the communication base station. At that time, the mobile operator will report the situation to the local radio management bureau, because it has violated the radio management regulations and is bound to be punished accordingly.

For example, the Xuchang Radio Administration investigated and dealt with the incident of privately setting up full-band jammers because the use of inferior full-band jammers affected the normal communication of the operator's base station, and it is not surprising that they were investigated and dealt with later. Therefore, the use of full-band jammers must be reasonable and compliant. Individuals and enterprises need to apply for approval to relevant departments. At the same time, do not use low-quality full-band jammers to avoid personal harm and other unnecessary troubles.

In this way, the effect of installing a mobile phone signal jammer is doubled:


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