The need for 5G jammers is increasing

The need for 5G jammers is increasing

Although the US and UK are concerned about this situation. However, the Portuguese have already signed a technical contract with Huawei. While celebrating the lead in the world of 5G networks, they did not consider their communications likely to be monitored by Huawei.

While China is stepping up its 5G ambitions and trade war, according to Trump, promoting fairer economic treatment is an attempt to buy time and room to find ways to move forward in the telecommunications competition. You can also look at it. After all, 5G is clearly more important than it used to be. China's 5G dominance will have a devastating impact on the United States and European countries. Perhaps America no longer has secure communications.

Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the Russian satellite network reported on July 9, Russia's defense industry complex said Russia is manufacturing a new cell phone jammer that can dispose of military satellites.

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The Russian Air Force currently has signal jammer based on the Yel -22, but the first generation "timber" is not that big and the reason is very simple. There are only about 10 IL-22s in Russia and they are not produced. .. GPS denial is becoming a major issue for US military planners. Pia, especially Russia, has already activated GPS spoofing and sabotage tactics during various training events near the border.

While the United States opposes China, the world's second-largest economy is trying to leave its mark on other countries in terms of 5G. Huawei is lobbying Australian politicians. The FT has revealed that the Chinese giant is the largest corporate sponsor of Australian legislators traveling abroad. On Thursday, Portuguese telecommunications company Altice worked with Huawei to deploy a 5G network. But most people are unaware of Huawei's and China's ominous intentions. This is the first step in China's attempt to control the lifeline of the world. Obviously, Huawei's actions are being driven by the support of the Chinese government. On the one hand, it will facilitate the development of 5G communications. On the other hand, future communication networks will be secretly controlled.

"I'm not surprised that Russia's obstruction could affect the activities of the Norwegian side of the border," Defense Minister Frank Bake Jensen told Valentz observers after the incident.

Bakke-Jensen acknowledged that GPS interference on the scale has never occurred and that protection against the Norwegian phenomenon is "navigating in another way".

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