The latest high performance anti-logging shield jammer

The latest high performance anti-logging shield jammer

At present, with the development and widespread application of video recording technology, more and more criminals are using various devices to conduct covert recording and eavesdropping activities, stealing and deliberately losing focus. privacy, business secrets, government secrets and even national security information. This poses huge security risks to the information security of individuals, businesses, government agencies and even our country. The "Surveillance Door" incident in the United States, the British "Eavesdropping Door" incident, and various "Recording Door" incidents ... These interminable incidents of secret tapping and recording reflect the high demand for anti-registration products in the United States. The current environment.

The anti-recording wireless jammer can hide and protect recordings in quiet conditions. When a criminal uses a recording device (such as cell phone, voice recorder, bug, etc.) to record you, the mute recording device generates noise signal which can suppress the voice signal. Therefore, the voice recorder only records noise and cannot distinguish voice information. The original information is retrieved from the signal, thus ensuring the security of the voice information.


The anti-recording wifi jammer can silently protect and interfere with various recording equipment such as cell phones, dictation machines and spies. It has the characteristics of good shielding effect, high security, multiple application scenarios, customizable shapes and no electromagnetic radiation. Compared with related products at home and abroad, it has great advantages in terms of the effect of protection, safety, practicability and concealment.

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