The impact of future society on drone jammers

The impact of future society on drone jammers

Now that the UAV market is gradually liberalized, the development prospects of the drone jammer countermeasure industry are full of huge potential. Some data have shown that the product sales of UAV jammers have grown rapidly in recent years, and the number of places where UAV countermeasures are used has gradually increased. The future development of the UAV countermeasure industry is sustainable.

At present, UAV jammers mainly use radio detection and jamming signal technology to track, monitor and interfere with UAVs. The radar function mainly detects UAVs under radio conditions and the distance is far-reaching. That is, UAVs using this technology consume a lot of power, and some areas may have blind spots, making it difficult to achieve ideal countermeasures. Countermeasures from drones. In addition, using infrared technology, because it can take pictures and collect evidence, it can also implement anti-drone measures, but it is greatly affected by the environment and visibility, and the distance of the drone cannot be measured. Using radio information technology, it is possible to detect UAVs at a higher level, but it has higher requirements on the environment.+

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The above-mentioned anti-drone technologies have their own advantages in realizing functions. Although there are still some shortcomings in the UAV anti-drone equipment, it is conceivable that with the continuous development of future technologies, it will further combine the functions of drone activities. According to the characteristics and environmental factors of the area, comprehensive defense and countermeasures of UAVs are carried out to ensure the effectiveness of air defense.

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